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Install Mingle ‚Äč

There are plenty of combinations where Mingle can be installed. In this page, let's cover with Laravel Breeze.

You might have an application already, so you might want to skip this step.

In this page, let's start from a fresh new installation of Laravel Breeze, like so:

laravel new --stack=livewire --breeze demo
cd demo

Next (or first), let's install the PHP package:

composer require ijpatricio/mingle

You can have both flavors of MingleJS, React and Vue, installed at the same time. Let's cover them individually.

For Vue:

npm i vue @vitejs/plugin-vue

For React:

npm i @vitejs/plugin-react react react-dom


It's a good idea to commit your Git changes before proceeding. If anything goes wrong, you can always revert the changes.

We're now ready to make the significant changes to the project files. If you want to make them manually, check Manual Instructions. For an automated attempt, run:

php artisan mingle:install --with-demo

Of if it's not your first time, you can skip the demo:

php artisan mingle:install

Let's see how to create Mingles in the Creating Mingles page.